Boat Winterization

Outboard- Our winterizations package includes fogging the engine, a change of gear lube, fuel stabilizer additive as well as all grease fittings lubed, and disconnect the battery. For 4 stroke we do a fuel treatment and oil change.

2 stroke under 80Hp- $69.99

2 stroke over 80Hp-$99.99

4 stroke under 80hp-$189.95

4 Stroke over 80Hp-$210.00

Inboard motors- Our winterization package includes oil change and filter, change gear lube, fog the engine, drain the block, drain manifolds, add anti-freeze to the block, add fuel stabilizer, lube all external grease fittings, and disconnect the battery.

4 Cylinder—$299.95

6 Cylinder- $349.95

8 Cylinder - $425.95

Along with winterization we offer full marine servicing of all your boating and water sport needs.