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BG Services 

GDI/Air Induction

Todays modern direct injection vehicles are prone to carbon deposits on the intake valves which can cause poor fuel mileage, loss of performance, rough running and other issues. With a BG GDI/Air induction service we clean up these carbon deposits along with the entire fuel system. For the best results we recommend an BG GDI/Air Induction Service every 25,000 Km

Price - $222.99

Brake Fluid Flush

The BG Brake Service with BG Brake Fluid is the ideal solution, the BG Brake Service completely removes all the old brake fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid, supplemented with a conditioner that will maximize brake fluid performance. Recommended every 50,000 Km.

Price - $137.99

Transmission Service

The BG Transmission service is a 2 part process which first adds a cleaner to the transmission

fluid system which dissolves and suspends build up and debris in the system. Step 2 completely flushes out and replaces the old transmission fluid and replaces it with new fluid and a conditioner which fortifies the new fluid with seal conditioner, oxidization inhibitors and shift improvers. 

Price - $433.88

Coolant System Service 

The BG Coolant System Service is a 2 part process which first adds a coolant system cleaner that is run through the system to clean rust debris and scaling inside the cooling system. Step 2 is to flush out the coolant system with new coolant and adds a condition which helps boost coolant system efficiency and coolant life span with anti-corrosion and anti-foaming additives. 

Price- $144.99 plus coolant

Engine Service Plus 

The BG engine Service Plus is a two step engine oil treatment which is performed during your vehicle regular oil change, the first step adds a cleaner to the engine oil that breaks down varnishing and sludge deposits from inside your engine which includes passages that feed turbo and variable valve control system, also frees up and cleans deposits from piston rings which can help improve oil dilution that is caused by blow by. Step two is a conditioner that gets added with your new engine oil and has friction modifiers and conditioners that inhibites sludge and varnish build up along with preventing oil degradation and thickening. Available for both gas and diesel cars and trucks and is added on top of the cost of your oil change.

Prices - Gas/Diesel Car - $71.59   Diesel Truck - $111.06

BG Products Life Time Warranty

BG Products and Services come with a lifetime warranty if preformed within set service mileage for more information visit there site by clicking here.

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