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Vehicle detailing currently under revision and 

will be available soon.  






Basic Cleaning

Clean windshield, Wipe down cockpit surface and vacuum cockpit carpet     


Premium Cleaning

Includes our Basic cleaning with addition of clean cockpit floors, clean all compartments, remove and pressure wash cockpit carpets, pressure wash bilge and storage lockers


Hull Cleaning

Wash and cleaning of Hull with quality cleaner


Wash & Wax

This Package includes and Quick exterior wash and the application of a high-quality wax to bring out the shine. Note Extra charges may apply if thorough cleaning is need be for waxing


Wash, Compound, Buff & Wax

Thorough exterior cleaning after which we perform a two stage compound application to remove oxidization and light scratches. We finish with an application of a high quality wax.

Runabouts under 24'


Runabouts 24' and over



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