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Cars, Trucks, SUV's 

Engine Wash 


Basic engine washdown with a chemical detergent. 


Basic Wash 


Exterior Wash and Dry, Rim Cleaner and Tire Shine, Door Jam Wipe Down  


Basic Interior 


Quick vacuum and wipe down of dash and door panels. 


Interior Shampoo Detail 

Medium $219.99+Tax     Large $289.99+Tax  

Vacuum of seats, floor and mats. Shampoo of seats, floor and mats. Cleaning of dash, console, cupholders, door panels, door jams and windows.  

*Does not include exterior wash. (Will need vehicle for 2 days for proper drying) 


Exterior Wax Only  

Medium $169.99+Tax     Large $209.99+Tax 

Bug removal, washing of rims and tires. Soft towel and air dry, paint preparation for wax recovery, soft towel removal of wax tire renewal. 


Package 1) Interior Detail with Exterior Wash 

Medium $139.99+Tax     Large $179.99+Tax 

Shampoo and dry removable floor mats, vacuum entire vehicle, Clean & Detail your dash & all vinyl, clean all interior glass. 

Exterior Wash, Dry, Rim Cleaner, & Tire Shine. 


Package 2) Interior Shampoo & Exterior Wax   
Medium $375.99+Tax     Large $475.99+Tax 

The combination of our interior shampoo package and the exterior wax package combined. (Will need for 2 days for proper drying) 


Interior & Exterior Extras 

Minimum $50 / Maximum $100 


Milk spills or food spills 

Ceiling and sun visor 

Pets of any kind & Pet hair transfer 

Second-hand smoke 

Excessive Dirt 

Storage Compartments 

Oversized Vehicles 



Tree sap 

Tonnaeu Covers 

Excessive dirt and salt 

Truck caps 

Storage compartments 


In some cases, not all of the salt, smoke or pet hair can be entirely removed. Scott’s Automotive does not guarantee that your vehicle will look 100% new but it will look 100% amazing!  

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